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Email for your business

All of our websites come with professional email addresses to compliment your website.  We offer WebMail to access your email.  The website that you go to for access to your WebMail should be in your Toolbox on your website or it will look like this (replace your website name below)

You can also add your email to Outlook, Outlook Express, or several other email clients.  We do not support this as every persons computer can be different.  This is something that a computer technician can help you with.  If you do not know of a computer technician we can recommend some highly reputable technicians in your area.


Setting Up Email Using Microsoft Outlook

1. Open Microsoft Outlook

2. Click Tools on the top toolbar

3. Click Accounts

4. Click the tab that reads ALL or MAIL to make the tab active

5. Click Add

6. Click Mail

You are now prompted for your Name, type this in(you can type anything you want, this is how you will be recognized when sending an email)

7. Click Next

You are now prompted for your Email Address(, type this in

8. Click Next

Now you will be in the box that says E-Mail Server Names
9. The first line should read:
My incoming mail server is a POP3 server

10. Incoming Mail Server Box should be your Internet (or URL) Address, type this in:

11. Outgoing Mail Server Box is the same thing, type your Internet Address again.

12. Click Next

Internet Email Logon (*Note that this part is case sensitive, if your login is all lowercase be sure to type it in lower case)

13. Account Name is your User Name that you were assigned

14. Password is your password that you were assigned

15. The box asking if you require a Secure Password Authentication should not be checked

16. Click Next

17. Next you will be asked how you will connect to the internet

18. Click 'I will establish my connection to the internet manually'

19. Click Next

20. Click Finish

21. Click Close

Opening and Receiving Email


1. Once Outlook is open click on Tools

2. Click Send/Receive

3. You can select either All Accounts or just a specific account below it

4. You will be prompted for your logon and password

5. Type this in and Click Enter


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